Blue Green People

BlueGreen People

Blue Green People

Living as a member of a minority group in the society it is challenging for my voice to be heard. Moreover, in a society where the dominant group is a group that took over the possession of the minority group, and its main aim is to extinguish any progress they view as a threat to them. In my country, we are known as the Bluegreen, members of the Greens.

The dominant group is the Rofarras; they colonized us and took away our rights and possessions making us their slaves. They are only 3% of the population but control 99% of the economy. Additionally, another group of citizens exists, the Sacoris. These are refugees of war from a different country but have since taken over the little left for my group.

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The dominant groups in the society are too busy and greedy to listen to peaceful pleas of the people. However, when violence is taken to their doorsteps, atlas tans ear or two is ready to listen to the grievances of the people. We are the Bluegreen, a subgroup of the Greens that believe violence solves everything.

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