Black Elk Speaks Analysis

Black Elk Speaks Analysis

Black Elk Speaks Analysis

Nicholas Black Elk, at the age of nine years, had a great vision. He was a holy man from the Oglala Sioux and his vision as a boy was of the primal significance at his interview with author John Neihardt and the subsequent novel Black Elk Speaks that was released on 1932. As the title implies, Neihardt’s novel is the medium where Black Elk shared his life narrative.

Through the novel, significant events in the life of Black Elk are voiced and, in addition, the recounting of his great visions is explained together with the figures in the Sioux history.

As Black Elk is perhaps considered to be among the greatest religious thinkers that came from the Native America, the novel is most useful for the portrayal of the Lakota religion as it is represented through its recounting of the great visions had by Black Elk.

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Through the interpretations, the visions were illustrated through the aspects of Lakota religion and some traditions have been kept sacred. Indeed, it cannot be argued that Black Elk’s purpose was to impart information on the Sioux fully to the future generations in the attempt to develop an extended sacred hoop thus his visions had to be analyzed from all perspectives.

Neihardt, J. G. (2008). Black Elk Speaks: Being The Life Story Of A Holy Man Of The Oglala Sioux, The Premier Edition Author: John G. Neihardt, P.

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