The most disturbing question among biomedical researchers is whether there should be an HIV+ patient registry. According to Mark Siegler, there are issues concerning confidentiality that governs the relationship between patient and their physicians. He argues that, it is very challenging to keep patient’s records confidential given the number of individuals with legitimate access to those records.

With medical explanations, this paper can confidently support the idea of setting up a database or a registry for patients with HIV+.

A registry will give physicians easy access to an HIV+ patient’s record. This will assist them in knowing the patient’s history and also know how to handle such a patient. Given the traumatic ability of HIV+ news, patients tend to be on denial and develop unnecessary anger towards people. Therefore with this information, physicians will psychologically prepare to handle such patients.

A registry will be so valuable to governmental and non-governmental institutions to collect data on patients who are HIV+. These data are used for planning and evaluating the spread of the virus and measures being taken to curb it. It is through such registry that an individual will know how many people are infected or not, how many are on drugs, and how many have succumbed.

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In conclusion, this argument can be well argue by biomedical principle of non-maleficence where no harm is create to the patient by commission or omission.
Aristotle Ethics, which are build on self-realization and naturalism, will serve to help support the establishment of a registry for patients with HIV+. As long as it performs its functions, then the registry can be assume to be good.

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