Bioethics on Abortion

Bioethics on Abortion

Bioethics on Abortion

Abortion is a controversial subject of discussion with different people holding different. Depending on one’s personal beliefs on the matter. This article highlights three arguments presented by different personalities. May Ann Warren, John Noonan, and Judith Jarvis Thomson with regard to whether or not abortion is morally permissible.

Warren argues that abortion is morally permissible under any circumstances. She states that abortion is right since the fetus does not qualify to be called a human being. Since it has no feelings that relate to those felt by a human being. Her arguments are that for a fetus to qualify to be a human being, there are essential characteristics the fetus should have. They include consciousness, the ability to communicate and reason and self-awareness.

Apparently the fetus does not possess these characteristics hence does not qualify to be a human being. Noonan on the hand argues that a fetus in every sense is a human being with slight differences in related to its physical status. He states that a fetus was consumed by a human being hence it is by all rights human. According to him, whoever procure san abortion does so because they are not willing to discriminate between the fetus and the human being. Finally, Thomson holds a view that abortion is morally permissible. Owing to the fact that being within the body of a woman, the fetus is under the control of the pregnant woman. Also, and that she has the right to terminate the pregnancy at her own will.

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Therefore by no means is it justified to go through abortion, unless medically determined that it would be medically risky for the woman to carry the pregnancy to full time. Under the circumstances, the principle of beneficence applies that states that any medical procedure to be performed should benefit the patient. If conducting the abortion will save the life of the pregnant woman then the abortion procedure would be justified.

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