Bio 205

Bio 205

Bio 205

Biogenesis can be defined as production of organelles or living organisms. Louis Pasteur came up with the theory of biogenesis. This theory simply observes that it is only by reproductions that living things come. This occurs in living things alone.

Explains that the germ theory on the other hand states that disease is caused by microorganisms. The microorganisms invade living cells. They may be bacterium, virus, fungus, prion or protest in nature. The correlation between the theories is that the microorganisms in the germ theory are able to literally live off of living cells.

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Upon intravenous injection, one may experience; blurred vision, numbness, shortness of breath, skin rash or unusual bleeding. With spinal injection, one may experience; headache, fever, chills, muscle cramps, nausea, pain at the point of injection or irregular heartbeat.

Overdose of this drug could result in severe cardiac arrest. The toxicity of the drug is a function of the fact that human cells, like fungal cells have sterols.

Lee, J. C. (1979). Effects of the polyene antibiotics amphotericin B and candicidin on the antistaphylococcal activity of alveolar macrophagess in vitro. Thesis (Ph. D). St. John’s University.
Seetec (1977).

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