Big Data Approach to Address Cancer

Big Data Approach to Address Cancer

Big Data Approach to Address Cancer

Big data as a terminology has been coined to refer to exponential growth and availability of data either structured or unstructured. The definition of Big Data is coin from three mainstream areas of volume, velocity and variety. Additionally, Big Data is occasioned by an increase in the data volume, unprecedented increase in speed at which data is streaming, and a variety of formats that the data can be obtained, stored, sent, or used. Big data means an amazing large amount of data.

The amount of health care data is in expectation to increase in fiftyfold by 2020 to about 25,000 petabytes, that is, about 25 times larger in size than all information that is archive in all of the institutional research libraries in the US. Hence, Big data is now changing the face of medicine in the world. The various way to integrate a vast collection of data information in medicine is showing potential to address the quagmire of cancer (Mayer-Schönberger & Kenneth , 2013). Researches are being in practice to know what big data can achieve in the fight against cancer.

In research in the year 2012, we find out that approximately 39.8 % of all men and women worldwide will be diagnose with all cancer sites at some point in their lifetime. In 2012, in the US, it is in report that there are about 13,776,251 people living with cancer sites.

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In summary, the unprecedent growth in the amount of biological data implies that we are in need of revolutionary measures to manage the data, analyses it and provide accessibility. Thus, the collection related data concerning previous diagnosis, treatment and prognosis activities of a given cancer is very important in providing a standardized high-quality treatment approaches to cancer.

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