Biblical Worldview

Biblical Worldview

Biblical Worldview

In the book of Romans, Paul writes a letter to the Romans. In his letter, he addresses important components of a Christian life. He touches on many subjects from the wrath of God against the mankind. The wrath is a warning for all those who turn away from God and, a warning to attainment of peace and life through the blood of Christ.

He addresses the Gods plan that goes beyond the Jews but extends His love even to the Gentiles who live according to the law. He states that even Abraham was not justified by his actions but by his faith. His faith, yielding of his heart that vindicated him before he could even get circumcised. Paul had identified a fault line in the Romans ways of life that he wanted to address through the letter. My world view is that the same fault that Paul had identified, and if people do not heed to the advice of Paul, the wrath will punish them. This essay provides an analysis of Romans 1-8 and it covers these components of interest; the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture.

The Natural World

The moral, spiritual, and ethical gap that Paul had identified amongst the Romans still describes the natural world today. The world has sins, murder, sexual depravity, and among other many transgressions that are being committed today.

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Paul, in his letter to Romans through the book of Romans identified the component of the society that the Romans were devoid of. In his address in Roman 1-8, he addresses the four components of the society. That is the natural world, human identity, human relationships and the culture.

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