Biblical Worldview Essay

Biblical Worldview Essay

Biblical Worldview Essay

The Epistle to the Romans, often shortened to just Roman, is a book in the new testament of the holy bible, the sixth book to be exact. It was written by the Apostle Paul roughly56 to 57 A.D. this Pauline book is essentially not a systematic theology and doesn’t contain all truths relevant to a world view. The apostle, in this work, mostly articulates the truths that are relevant to a biblical world view. Certain aspects of worldview are addressed relating to human identity, human relationships, culture and the natural world. This paper will discuss what said book teaches about the above named subjects and also how they affect ones world view.

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According to the discussion above, the aspects discussed, human culture, the natural world, human relationships and how we treat them and our identity, all quite frankly change how human beings view the world. As Christians, the book on Romans suggests that we should always have the fact that every person is a sinner in mind and that we all need Jesus’ grace. Human beings are made in the likeness of God. Christians should therefore treat everyone else as they would treat God. The book also says has Christians realize that the law, good and evil is written in our hearts.

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