Biblical Worldview Essay

Biblical Worldview Essay

Biblical Worldview Essay

A worldview refers to the philosophy that we possess about life as well as how we ought to view at the world surrounding us. It is the view or perception that we have on issues such as life, death, and politics along with religion. The essence of having a Christian worldview is that it provides a basis of steadiness and ethics, something that non-Christian worldviews lack. In the perspective of a Christian worldview, Christians have the belief that we were created by God in His image. Due to this belief, Christians have a number of morals that they ought to uphold.

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Christians should write the commandments of God in their hearts and be good ambassadors of Christ (Carlson, 35). This will enable most Christians to emulate Christ in their deeds thus being good role models to those that do not know him. In conclusion, all the issues that I have addressed such as peoples’ identity, relationships and the natural world change the world’s perceptions toward us. I, therefore, realize that as a Christian everyone is sinful and therefore needs the grace of God. It is for the grace of God that I ought to treat every person with respect, as well as love. We should also know that everyone is created in the image and likeness of God thus respect to them is respect to God.

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Carlson, Thomas A.. The indiscrete image infinitude & creation of the human. Chicago, Ill.: University of Chicago Press, 2008. Print.

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