Biblical Hermeneutics

Biblical Hermeneutics

Biblical Hermeneutics

Scriptural, or as more commonly known, biblical hermeneutics can be defined simply as interpretation of the bible. It deals with the principles used in interpreting the bible. This is part of a broader hermeneutics which mostly deals with studying the principles for the text as well as forms of communication.

Stiver (2001) explains that Ricoeur developed a theory of interpretation that has become an instrument for data interpretation used in hermeneutic phenomenology. His theory involves several levels of interpretation. These are; a naïve reading of the text, this is followed by a structural analysis of it and finally critical analysis of the text and a discussion.

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The two however have similarities in their in both the works of Aquinas and Lonergan, one will find references to the conscious life of human beings in words that are mostly found in psychology. Today, this is not viewed very well. They both seem to employ modern psychological elements in their work.

Another similarity in their work is the fact that both Aquinas and Lonergan subscribe to the faculty of psychology which purports that the human mind has several powers or faculties. These are the will, intellect and emotion.

Healy, N. (2003). Thomas Aquinas: theologian of the Christian life. Burlinton: Ashgate.

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