Best Way for Parents to Raise Children Aged 1-7

Best Way for Parents to Raise Children Aged 1-7

Best Way for Parents to Raise Children Aged 1-7.

Best Way for Parents to Raise Children Aged 1-7: In the present day, parenting has become a task and it has equally been a topic of debate with scholars in the sociology field trying to formulate the best parenting methods.

However, there can never be a singular parenting method since aver family has different lifestyles, settings, beliefs (cultural or religious), practices, schedules, among others.

Accordingly, with the increased economic hardships, most parents are working for extra hours thus most of their time is dedicated to work than towards their children. This has resulted to the rapid increase of day/night child care centers which have assumed the parenting role.

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Further, the paper has been able to highlight on the positive pushing parenting approach. Where the three pillars of success were discusse. This approach advocated mainly for the building of the child’s self-esteem.

It was observe that by so doing, the child grew confident since they have the support of the parent. However, it was note that over practicing the self-esteem building would result to lack of ownership of their success.

The emotional mastery pillar successfully explained a parenting method that helped the parent to expose their child to different emotions. As such the child is able to understand and figure out the kind of emotions they are feeling. The meaning of the emotion, and how such an emotion is manage.


Gardner, M. (January 23, 2002). Weighing the Price of ‘Perfect’ in Family Life: Parents face pressure to push their children into many activities and to be involved as well. The Christian Science Monitor, n.p.

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