Best Practices for Professional Collaboration

Best Practices for Professional Collaboration

Best Practices for Professional Collaboration.

Best Practices for Professional Collaboration: It is critical for educational teams to collaborate and communicate effectively in order to effectively plan and implement a student’s IEP.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) calls for a team of individuals, including parents and school personnel, to work together to develop an Individual Educational Program (IEP) for a child who qualifies for special education services.

Because IEP decisions are made by a team rather than by any one individual, it’s important and helpful to understand the role of each member. While each person brings a different set of experiences, concerns, and skills to the table, you can expect that they all share a common goal: enabling the child to

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The ultimate LEA representative, of course, is the superintendent, who represents the school board. So while the appointment of LEA representatives falls generally with the authority of principals.

Where there is a major dispute, the superintendent’s authority to designate his or her representative may result in someone else being in charge of an IEP team meeting. This is important in cases where IEP teams fail to reach consensus.

For example, in a case where the principal wants a child sent to a self contained setting, and the parent is appealing, the superintendent may authorize the special education director to serve as the LEA representative, with authority to resolve the dispute.


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