Benefits of Urban Farming

Benefits of Urban Farming

Benefits of Urban Farming.

Benefits of Urban Farming: The rapid urbanization experienced in most countries comes with rapid urban food insecurity and urban poverty. This leads to the innovative practices to curb poverty and food insecurity in urban centers.

The hardships in coping with urban development, lack of employment and job opportunities demands solutions in the cities (Delgado, 2013). Other problems are also cropping in such as maintaining water and air quality, as well as disposal of wastes.

Urban farming has been cited as a solution to the poor in the cities. Urban farming results in benefits to the communities living in cities. It increases access to healthy food, job development, workforce training, and neighborhood revitalization (Bah, 2003).

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and transportation are not a problem where food growing is next to the point of consumption. Growing food crops near homes cut out the costs of unpacking, packaging, and repackaging. Urban farming also benefits communities living in cities through increasing access to healthy food, job development, workforce training, and neighborhood revitalization.

The practice plays in alleviating poverty and food insecurity (Delgado, 2013). Urban farming leads to alleviation of emergency and chronic food insecurity. In addition, maintaining urban farming is not time consuming as it can be done together with other domestic chores and family care.

The costs of distributing and supplying food to urban centers are based on imports and rural production. Urban farming provides access to food produce, earnings, and employment to the populations living in urban centers (Cheema et al., 1996).


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