Behavior Finance : Santa Claus Rally

Behavior Finance : Santa Claus Rally

Behavior Finance : Santa Claus Rally

Behavior Finance : Santa Claus Rally:The Santa Claus Effect refers to the aspect of markets having a practice of altering their atmosphere or turning into profitability during the month of December. The Santa clause effect is as well referred to as the Santa Clause rally (Hans-Holger, 2009, p.65). During this period, many corporations or businesses collect amount of money from goods that have been exceedingly charged in terms of prices since people tend to spend their salaries as well as bonuses during the Christmas season along with nearly everybody is within a happy mood as many people do not go to their places of work.

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Business persons normally write off most of their tax losses using the big profit that they receive from the sales they make. The traders during this season as well get a chance of retailing the stocks which did not perform well along with replacing the stocks that are underperforming. During this period, most investors have the greatest chance of investing, hiring the best staff in addition to making the best decisions for the strategies of their company.

Hans-Holger, R. (2009). The Santa Claus Efect, Hamilton, Canada.

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