Be Careful What You Sign

Be Careful What You Sign

Be Careful What You Sign

The automatic renewal clause is still a fiercely discussed topic in the legal framework as numerous businesses and people similarly have gotten themselves in alike circumstances with no way out. Additionally, this form of agreement has been condemned as a legal way of duping the public into being tangled in agreements that they did not desire from the start. Morally it would be erroneous for an individual or company to compel another party or person into retaining business arrangements by force (Siviglia, 2007).

The lesser here compiled a manuscript that would have given him a huge but otherwise biased advantage margin if only the lessee ignored the most crucial aspect, the clause on automatic renewal, for which this specific lessee got into the ploy. Morally it is an unjust scenario and where a person would be led to feel that Letisha was unjustly involved in a binding business deal, however one has to analytically study the arguments on both sides of lessee and the lessor before taking sides since both were in the wrong to some degree (Siviglia, 2007).


Be Careful What You Sign

Additionally, contracts that automatically renew themselves at the end of the original period is usually known as an “evergreen” contract.

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In conclusion, the company is liable for not having made it open to Letisha.  That, the contract would ultimately automatically be renewed. Sudson ought to be cautioned against this form of contract. Also, it perhaps should be penalized for unethical business practices and compelled to abstain from encompassing this kind of clauses in their future contracts unless decided upon by both parties.

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