Be an Anthropologist

Be an Anthropologist

Be an Anthropologist

Be an Anthropologist: Evolution denotes continuous transformation and development of organisms, allowing species to grow and improve upon its initial or ancestral type to increase its chances of survival in its current or changing environment. Human evolution is an issue that is constantly growing, with concepts being changed, created or rearranged dependent of the forms of evidence that are present (Park, 2008).

As a holistic field, Anthropology denotes the study of continuous evolution physically, linguistically, either culturally or archaeologically. The above sub-fields of anthropology deals with the study of humans and the transformations encountered in the process of advancement from their original form as well the anticipated changes in the future, therefore each sub-fields uses different approaches of evolution (Park, 2008).

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Both cultural and physical anthropologists utilize the scientific approaches to study evolution and establish evolutionary theories based on specific areas of interests. These sub-fields observe and experience, then classify, arrange and interpret primary information. Through the utilization of information gathered, cultural and physical anthropologists establish testable hypothesis.

Later, the hypothesis is tested through the manipulation of specific variables before becoming a theory. The key difference between cultural and physical anthropology is the form of data gathered.

Park, M. A. (2008). Introducing anthropology: An integrated approach. (4 ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

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