Based on the Movie \”Contact\” made in 1997

Based on the Movie \"Contact\" made in 1997

         Based on the Movie \”Contact\” made in 1997

Based on the Movie \”Contact\” made in 1997: Contact is a movie that takes place at the junction of faith, science and politics. Generally these three subjects do not get along together easily always. In the film, an alien intelligence broadcasts a figure of three pages of encrypted symbols. It is comprehensible where the corners are of each page. It is as well clear that the three corners are anticipated to come together to make one image only in some way.

Scientists are perplexed in their efforts to bring these pages together. Once we see the solution, it gives a Eureka instant. It is easy and difficult too to envisage of. It may possibly be intended as a kind of intelligence test.

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How satirical that the fact is that we are not the only ones in the universe. Whilst the Bible makes it very clear that we are the only intellectual life form, and created in God’s image and that we are never alone since God the Creator is always there for us. Christians argue that God has chosen to reveal disclose himself through the Bible and through his Creation.

The Bible clarifies to us the answers to those queries and many others. This film is highly recommendable to Christians with a concrete clutch of Biblical fact and the ability to distinguish the truth from a lie no matter how understated the lie may be.

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