Barbie doll

Barbie doll

Barbie doll.

Barbie doll: There is nothing more beautiful to a parent watching his/her child grow up in happiness and full of life. Most are the times that young children fall ill, or just fall in a non-playful mood.

This worries the parents especially if a child has not yet attained a talking age, or is not comprehensive in describing what may be bothering them. Sometimes parents goes to the extent of buying gifts, souvenirs and other playing item jus to keep their kids happy (Peers, 14).

Some of the playing item include; toys, small machines and dolls among other items. In this case study, I will discuss the effects that these dolls have on children. I would like to address the Barbie doll in particular. First of all, we need to figure out where this ‘Barbie’ came from, and why the name was adopted.

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The research said this happens after a young girl grows into someone different, since they always expect to grow into the features of Barbie. Amid all these controversies, there are parents who still feel that it is not up to the owners of the Barbie dolls company to take action, In this case, Mattel.

This is because it is the masses who storm in to their shops purchase the dolls out of their own will (Beigbeder, 167). However, they feel the dolls should not be used to do sensitive commercials. That is especially commercials that would do a number on a young girls’ mind in terms of confidence, physical features, self esteem and respect among others.


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