Bank of America and Wells Fargo

Bank of America and Wells Fargo

Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

Bank of America and Wells Fargo: In comparison of these two vision & mission statements, they somehow talk about similar ventures of the current and future strategies of their companies.

They explain some of the philosophies that drive their organizations. They have also included their social responsibility in terms of the people they serve in the community.

Bank of America has explained their vision statement clearly and precisely their main objectives, and what their main purpose is. Bank of America has the strength of valuing their customers as much as what they do. This helps them in prioritizing customer needs when strategizing on the company goals.

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Regardless of their titles or ranks, all of them serve as our ears and eyes in deciding our response to the community (Fargo, 1999). The success of our company is dependent on a sustainable and healthy community. Environmental stewardship is one of our major commitments in all our decisions regarding our business  (Fargo, 1999).

An example of a social responsibility they have ventured and is known is the funding of nongovernmental organization through generous giving’s to be able to develop different communities. Wells Fargo is also investing in environmental friendly and sustainable business and promotes greener economy.

Based on my understanding, I think these ventures are very important since there are so many initiatives that are run by nongovernmental organizations but you find that financial constraints are the barriers. Hence, these generous giving would help in progressing such initiatives.


Chandler, J. (2006). Wells Fargo. New York: Arcadia Publishing.

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