Ban of direct to customer advertising

Ban of direct to customer advertising

Ban of direct to customer advertising

Direct –to- customers (DTC) advertising is the process and effort used mostly by pharmaceutical companies to promote the prescription of their drug products directly to patients. Prescription of drugs is the provision of instructions and methods of using a given drug product. The channels that are used in the distribution of DTC drug ads include media platforms like televisions, magazines, radio, billboards, direct mailing and the internet. Currently, only two countries, that is U.S and New Zealand are fully allowing for the use of direct to customer product advertisement (DTCPA). However, the DTCPA process has elicited various concerns which have proposed and provided various probable factors for its ban, by the FDA’s Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communication, which is the body regulating its operations.

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According to Mir and Zwygart-Stauffacher (2014), they provide the findings of one study that surveyed primary care physicians and physician assistants in Arizona which listed several hypothetical patient scenarios. Clinician responses to the described scenarios showed that if patients asked a question inspired by DTCPA, clinicians were more likely to become annoyed. Clinicians were also less likely to answer the patient’s questions and to provide a prescription for drugs seen in DTCPA. In a national survey, 39% of physicians and 30% of patients felt that DTCPA interfered with the physician-patient relationship.

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