Ballot proposition 210: minimum wage increase

Ballot proposition 210: minimum wage increase

Ballot proposition 210: minimum wage increase

The minimum wage has in the past enjoyed the support of most U.S. people.  As observed by (Waltman 1), 71 % of adults supported the federal minimum wage while 83% supported increasing it in 2006 (Pew Research Center), and support has mainly ranged between these two levels in the superseding.

It is hypothetically vague whether those most expected to be affected by the minimum wage, minimum wage increase, and minimum wage substitute workers, would contribute to the reputation and popularity of the policy.  However, these workers benefit from a boost in employment wages.  On the other hand, employers may perhaps lower work hours in relation to an increase in costs of labor.

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This practice was last utilized by the commission in 1988, when it raised the least wage from $3.35 to $4.25 per hour. This method would necessitate the CIWC to give minimum wage orders reliable with the projected minimum wage increase. Lastly, the minimum increase in wages proposal passed and was unreasonable of an increase no one is actually benefiting from it, though it makes the workers earning the higher salary feel better.

I believe a gradual increase over time would have been healthier for the worker because the employee would see an increase of cash in their pocket because with wages rising, the cost of living is also increasing so in reality they are spending more.

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