Balanced scorecard as performance measurement tool

Balanced scorecard as performance measurement tool

Balanced scorecard as performance measurement tool

The restaurant sector of the UK economy has seen huge expansion over the past thirty years, in terms of both scale and scope. Two generations ago, there was a relatively narrow range of cuisine types and a relatively restricted market for haste cuisine. Today there is a huge variety of different restaurants across the country offering a staggering range of different culinary experiences from around the world.

The growth in disposable incomes, the rise in education levels, and the increasingly diverse ethnic mix of the UK population, have together created a vibrant and still growing market for restaurants featuring the cuisines of Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa.

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The extra time used to document this trail can often demotivate staff. Effective performance improvement, in most cases, means changing the behaviors of the employees who operate and maintain the equipment, the ones who budget and manage or direct, as well as those who design and install the equipment and facilities.

Every stakeholder group must be equally invested in the process. In order to change behaviors of those who must change, it is vital to have the capacity and expertise to alter, and know whether the rewards and recognition processes currently in place encourages and reinforces the desired behavior.

Kaplan R and Norton D, ‘Using The Balanced Scorecard As A Strategic Management System’ (Harvard Business Review, 2007) <> accessed 11 November 2014

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