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Background Component

Background Component

HIV/AIDS has proven to be a great pandemic to the whole world. The fact that the highly affected population comprises of young and active people, means that the world’s economy will eventually disintegrate. That’s why my organization is on a mission to mitigate the effects of this dangerous disease. To make sure that the society understands HIV/AIDS. In order to help in dealing with the HIV/AIDS menace, a non-profit oriented organization can be of great help.

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The organization wants to have a future and that’s why it has a vision. The association looks forward to mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS especially on matters concerning the economy. Whereas there is a relationship between poverty and poor health, the organisation also looks forward to a future where everyone will be in a position to access the recommended drugs. This is by ensuring that even the poor are provided with the antiretroviral drugs. When strong people succumb to the disease, poverty follows and therefore the organisation considers on how to eradicate poverty by attending to adults who are victims of the disease.

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