Avoid Plagiarism

Avoid Plagiarism

Avoid Plagiarism

Avoid Plagiarism:Despite the fact that there are various definitions of plagiarism by academicians, one common ground is that the act is more dangerous than turning paper late to instructor. According to researchers and instructors, it is a crime that involves stealing another person’s work or ideas and passing it as one’s own. According to Menager & Paulos (2010), “being caught as a plagiarizer is humiliating and can also be costly.”

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In other words, common knowledge is contained in multiple sources thus it is considered to be in the public domain. In conclusion, referencing the work is the only way that the writer can link ideas with source and also build a credible argument in the writing. It is a significant element for successful academic work.

Menager, R., & Paulos, L. (2010). Quick coach guide to avoiding plagiarism. Boston, Mass.: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

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