Aviation Environmental Issues

John Wayne Airport is among the busiest and most noise sensitive airports in the United States of America. The airport is located at the center of Orange County in California with residential areas very close. This is the reason that noise from the airport has been reported to be very sensitive. According to medical studies that have been conducted in proximities to airports, the elevated noise level from aircrafts has been linked to health problems like hypertension and heart disease.

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Despite being a major noise contributor, the airport has enacted very efficient measures to abate the noise. The airport has complied with county ordinances as well as establishing its own program to mitigate on the noise at the airport and the nearby community. After the analysis of the problem and the measures undertaken and their effectiveness, it can be concluded that the John Wayne Airport has been efficient in its program of noise-abatement.

John Wayne Airport. (2014). Noise Alysis Technical Report. John Wayne Airport, 5-38.

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