Avatar (2009) happens to be a film that is strongly spiritual. In wider terms, this story line happens to be a love story. In addition to that there happens to be numerous underlying moral and spiritual values intertwined all through the duration of this film. This film is essential when trying to comprehend what is behind the heart of several of the deepest identity questions. This film is the cinematic window that has an aesthetic tour-de-force, in the matters of sexuality (especially crossing love boundaries), identity (particularly around gender and race), land issues and ecological concerns, nationalism (particularly regarding militarism and citizenship performance), and ultimately globalization (especially, the intersection of capitalism and globalization).

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In conclusion, this film is a mainly spiritual. There are numerous features in this film that points to this as a spiritual film. For instance, the spiritual journey that is taken by Jake Sully throughout the film’s duration in inherently linked to a spiritual sense that is deeper. Additionally, the Na’vi clans have a robust physical and spiritual connection to all living things and the land. There are numerous concepts that can be associated with the underlying spirituality and the plot in addition to values throughout this film. For instance, ideological and mythological form, values, morality, transcendental and transcendence style and the notion that spirituality could mean diverse things to diverse people.

Olivier, & Bert. (2012). “Avatar” : ecopolitics, technology, science, art and myth. Art Historical Work Group of South Africa.

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