Auteur Theory

Auteur Theory

Auteur Theory

According to Truffaut, “there are no good or bad movies, only good and bad directors” (Sedelnik, 2011). Therefore, the director can use the commercial tool of a film the same way an author uses a pen or a painter uses the paint. The most cinematically successful films must bear the unmistakable personal stamp of the director. Every director has his own perception about various aspects of a film like blocking. Placement, scene length. Lighting, the message of the film and other aspects that are very important in the classification of a film.

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The theory is however being criticized today because a film is being considered as an intense effort of many gifted and exceptional specialists who oversee and perform every aspect of a film. Therefore, it is not advisable to identify a single person who imprints his identity in a film to leave strong mark of signature (Sedelnik, 2011).

Sedelnik, P. M. (2011). The Auteur Theory: an Historical Analysis. New York: California State University.

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