Assignment 4: Computer Forensic Tools

Assignment 4: Computer Forensic Tools

Assignment 4: Computer Forensic Tools

Assignment 4: Computer Forensic Tools:When a file happens to be deleted, it is usually marked as deleted but is not actually removed from that hard drive. When we assume no other file has overwritten that deleted file on the hard drive then a recovery program could be utilized in recovering the deleted files. There are two specific programs that could be used when recovering lost data are Glary Undelete and Recuva.


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In conclusion, it can be asserted that computer Forensics is the utilization of specialized methods for the safeguarding, recognition, removal, verification, assessment, analysis, explanation and certification of the digital information. It tends to come into play when the case includes issues linked to the restructuring of computer usage, assessment of lingering data, and verification of information by technical analysis of technical aspects of computer usage and data. Computer Forensics usually requires specialized skill that usually goes past normal data gathering and conservation techniques accessible to end-users.



Caloyannides, M. A., & Caloyannides, M. A. (2004). Privacy protection and computer forensics. Boston: Artech House.

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