Assessing an Organization for Emotional Intelligence

Assessing an Organization for Emotional Intelligence

Assessing an Organization for Emotional Intelligence.

Assessing an Organization for Emotional Intelligence; many organizations do not prioritize on employee’s emotional intelligence. Hence they use informal evaluation approaches (Andrews, 2004). These kinds of models are only concern with employee’s safety and welfare, unlike formally developed approaches that closely evaluate emotional intelligence. This informal approach involves looking at employee’s former performance records.

The approach assumes that employees will continue to perform in the same way as in the past while the approach is unrealistic and impractical. The assessment process starts with the management where the management is trained on identifying signs that distinguish high performers from the rest (Matthews et al., 2011). Additionally, they develop models and strategies that are in line with the company’s policies. It is also very essential to ensure that employees are aware of emotional intelligence.

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The organization needs to adopt a recruitment strategy that requires applicants to have excellent social skills. This way the organization can hire emotional intelligent employees.  A model that improves emotional intelligence can also be developed to achieve high levels of productivity.

It would be vital to developing emotional intelligence in the already existing staff members. Refinement, practice, and feedback can achieve this. Incorporation of the new model would be required for the performance management systems. The measurement techniques and skills would involve regular evaluations of employee’s emotional intelligence (Dann, 2008).

Andrews, L. W. (2004). Emotional intelligence. New York: F. Watts.

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