Assess Judicial Control of Administrative Agencies

Administrative agencies are endorsed government establishments created by the constitution in coordination with the legislature and law making bodies. They are charged with the responsibilities of handling crises, compensate social problems as well as, overseeing intricate government matters that are considered beyond the legislature’s mandate (Diver, 1987.Pp. 36). Their responsibilities are limited and defined by various laws that are enforced and limited by the courts. The agencies are created in diverse fields where the legislature and the courts do not have advance knowledge and experiences in their happenings.

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It helps to ensure the due process is followed when affirming laws and passing on penalties. Secondary, it provides a substitute avenue where the aggrieved parties can seek for their cases to be heard. Finally, it can be for the need of the penalty passed to be overturned or attempting to bring an action for damages.

Diver, Colin S. 1987. “The Uneasy Constitutional Status of the Administrative Agencies, Part II: Presidential Oversight of Regulatory Decision-making: Commentary: Presidential Powers.” American University Law Review 36.

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