Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome (AS) also known as “Autism spectrum disorder,” is one out of five persistent developmental disorders called the Autism Spectrum Disorders (NIMH, 2006). People that are affected by AS characteristically have average or beyond-average cognitive ability, but have acute social deficits (Klin et al., 2000).

The word “spectrum” refers to the broad range of symptoms and levels of disability or impairment that children with ASD can have. The most common characteristics of AS include communication and social skills.  Individuals that have AS may also have deficits in visual-spatial organization, tactile perception and physical coordination (Klin et al., 2000). People with this syndrome are self-described loners that may be incapable or reluctant to take part in natural social interaction.

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These people may be misinterpreted with having a psychological disorder and it is hence crucial psychiatrists treating them are conversant about AS and autism. Behavioral therapies and treatments have proven to be effective. Conventional drug treatment can also be used to treat anxiety, depression and other disorders.

However, any treatment must be vigilantly customized to suit a person and supervised and administered by a competent professional. However, any prescribed and administered medicine should be given with great care and rigorously monitored with individuals that have autism because of their vulnerability to movement disorders.

American Psychiatric Association, (2000). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 4th Edition, text revision. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association

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