Aspect of the criminal justice system

Aspect of the criminal justice system

Aspect of the criminal justice system.

Aspect of the criminal justice system: Criminal justice is a practice system and government institutions that seek to uphold social control, mitigate and deter crime (Branham, 2012). Such systems are directed at sanctioning law violators with rehabilitation efforts and criminal penalties.

Criminal justice system entails three entities. These include: corrections including prisons, parole, jails and probation; adjudications (court of law); and legislative (making laws). These agencies work together i criminal justice system under the rule of the law.

They all function as the principal mechanism of keeping and maintaining the rule of the law in the society (Dancig-Rosenberg & Galt, 2013). There are various aspects of criminal justice system implemented in various countries.

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Evidently, these are things that happen in the United States. Terrorist acts are international concerns. This is the main source of “Nyumba Kumi” Initiative in Kenya: to curb crime.

By knowing people in our neighborhoods, we will be able to understand what other people do with their time, their places of origins, and their occupations. This will eliminate suspicions and enhance security in the community.

When we know what everyone does, it will be easy to identify crime perpetrators from those whose occupations raises eye brows, or those not open to people. This will also stop the society from labeling youths with criminal activities, which as explained by the labeling criminal justice theory, stirs crime among youths.


Anindya J. & Avanish B. (2013). Crimes against the Elderly in India: A Content Analysis on Factors causing Fear of Crime, International journal of criminal justice sciences, 8(1)

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