Aspect of Group Work Practice

Aspect of Group Work Practice

Aspect of Group Work Practice

A group simply means several individuals who join hands to accomplish a specific goal or task. Groups are the fundamental expression of human relationships. The greatest power of a man lies in groups. Group practice is the aspect of practicing social work. The goal of groups is to develop members through the growth and enjoyment provided by both social and program relations. Like other aspects of social work including community organization, social casework, research and administration, social group aims at providing the information of the underlying applies and social sciences including knowledge to ideal social programs of wide ranging social agencies.

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There are several ways of identifying a group; one is through studying the cognition of every member in the group and the perception of the group to identify other persons existing for every member psychologically (Watson, 1993). However, in task groups, cohesiveness has numerous effects including lower turnover, worker satisfaction, higher productivity and absenteeism.

Carnwell, R., & Buchanan, J. (2004). Effective practice in health and social care. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

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