Asian Americans

Asian Americans

Asian Americans

Stereotyping can be defined as having an attitude, or a specific perception towards those who seem different or exclusive of one’s experience. This attitude primarily seems to be usually pejorative, and with over simplified social perceptions.

A stereotype can be defined as this belief of looking and classifying people into specific groups, or in accordance with the characteristics which they seem to possess.

This characterization emanates an attitude of classifying people outside one’s experience, in perception of how they carry out their practices or behave on a daily basis.

What people need to understand is that these beliefs do not accurately present the reality, in as much as they harbor similarities. People also need to understand that the definitions accorded these stereotypes are fundamentally psychological.

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However, the main factor remains that when they came to these lands, they intermarried with native people and ended up starting families in this country.

Some of these groups can even be traced to have had discovered this country even long before Christopher Columbus had gone back with its report in Europe in 1652. In fact, history shows that the “luzonians” landed in Morro Bay, California as early as 1587.

They were followed by the “East Indians” in 1635 and later the Filipinos followed and other people with Asian descent followed around 1760s (Danico, 2004).

This population also had to fight its way in the Americas so as to be recognized as a legit group in this country. This is bearing in mind that there was a lot of discrimination going on in this country’s political, economic and even social development during its foundation.

All that we need to do is promote cohesiveness and undisputable socialization in order to change this attitude.

Alexander, R. (2005). Racism, African Americans, and social justice. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

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