Asian American studies

Asian American studies

Asian American studies

Operation Crossroads was an exercise of testing nuclear weapons ABLE and BAKER in Bikini Lagoon in 1946. The exercise was being conducted by Navy personnel who had set up the experimental stations and whoops for assembling the devices at the Bikini Island. The significance of the operation was to determine the effects that the use of the nuclear bombs could have on plants and animals at the Islands, and also to establish the effectiveness of the bombs in order to determine whether they could be used during war.

The Johnson-Reed Act is an immigration Act that was implemented in 1924 by the United States Government that stated the percentage of the immigrants who would be allowed into America. The importance of the act was to determine the foreigners who would be allowed into United States.

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The Hawaiians have decided to return to their land and showcase their culture which has become a major tourist attraction. However, US government still owns land which they are using for the nuclear bomb tests. The Hawaiians began a movement that tends to restrict from the way their land is used through the Office of Hawaiian Affairs although it has not succeeded.

The Filipinos also ‘decolonize their minds’ by recognizing some of the colonial oppression they faced, they then reflect on the impact of colonialism on their lives, and finally they decide to promote decolonization by teaching their children their native culture before the influence of the Spanish and the Americans and the negative effects that resulted from colonization (Nadal, 2011).

Hernández-Truyol, B. E. (2002). Moral imperialism: A critical anthology. New York: New York University Press.

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