Arundo donax

Arundo donax

Arundo donax

Arundo donax is fast-growing and is drought tolerant. It is producing tons of biomass per acre. It does well in poor soil and requires less investment once established. It is also known as the “giant reed”, also it is a tall, erect, and reed-like grass which is 2 to 8 meters in length. It is among the largest of the herbaceous grasses. It can thrive in poor soil because it has fibrous roots that can penetrate deeply into the soil. It has culms which are hollow and have walls which are 2 to 7 mm thick and are partitioned at the nodes.

It is nothing short of a miracle plant because to people who are in the renewable fuels sector are seeing it as a potential substitute for coal. North California is looking over the aspect of bio-refinery that will produce millions of dollars in investment and create dozens of high-paying jobs opportunities. Also in the Southwest of the U.S it is used along ditches for soil erosion control.

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Arundo donax has quite a number of  advantages it is valuable and it is a fast- growing crop that has been promoted for the production of fuel, fibers and pulp and is also used as an ornamental. it also means further introductions are likely to balance its exploitation and threat as an invasive threat. It requires more teachings on the plant and its usage to reduce the threats it has on the ecosystem and habitats.

Scientists can also reduce its negative implications and come up with new ways of improving its control. Arundo donax requires keen study because no education on it has been taught and that’s why it is becoming a huge threat which in future may result to massive destruction.

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