Artist and contemporary art in China

Artist and contemporary art in China

Artist and contemporary art in China

Artwork is believed to be a representation of the activities around human beings or individual thoughts. In China, art had evolved from the postmodern works to the contemporary art. Contemporary art was believed to have developed in response to the cultural, political, economic, and the social environment although it was not clear whether the practicing art should be viewed as influencing change or just part of a context.

The post modern theory of art has different views with the modern theory in China and in the world. Art tends to have a history that evolves from the artwork done in the past to that in the present and that of the future. Therefore, any contemporary art in China is expected to reveal a relationship with the postmodern.

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Could the factors sustaining the art market be associated with the quality and factors of production involved or the model approach used by artists? The Chinese artists produce art materials which are strictly monitored by the government. Global art institutions are helping the artists to negotiate with the government yet it is the Western artists who are trying to ensure the Chinese Contemporary artists remain in line with the historical occurrences where the modern framework is based on the post modern.

All these agents have different roles to play, but the question is whether the Contemporary Chinese artist gets to enjoy his freedom? Can’t an artist produce a material that is self inspired, one that the government does not restrict or one that is not previous art works?

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