Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation

Marble male figure
Medium: Marble, Culture: Cyoladio, Period: 2500-2300 B.C, Size: H 141/8 in and Category: Stone sculpture
According to this work, it possesses some unique features that are unusual. Although the figures representing the male body are very rare, the male tend to be characteristic to be performing a given activity or attribute but for this sculpture, it is very different from the other male sculptures.

If you look at the sculpture, you realize that his hair is comb in a backward direction and also, it covers the whole upper head. The upper part of this sculpture belongs to a female or it’s a female figure. It is evident that due to the sculptor change in commission, the sculpture was transformed from the intended female figure to a modified statuette (The Metropolitan Meuseum of Art.).

A box carried by a man

Culture: Sumerian, Period: 2900-26oo BC, Medium: Copper alloy, Geography: Mesopotamia, Category: Metalwork- Sculpture, and Size: H 378*W. 12.3*D.9.7om

——–Middle of paper——–

On the back of the musician’s head, was once painted, maybe because it indicated the cap that was close fitting. In addition, on his waist, the man is encircled with a belt that could be understood to be a piece of the penis sheath. The harp’s upper part is designed with an ornament that is curved in the head of a waterfowl’s shape (The Metropolitan Meuseum of Art).

The Metropolitan Meuseum of Art.

The Metropolitan Meuseum of Art.

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