Art Appreciation questions

Art Appreciation questions

Art Appreciation questions.

Art Appreciation questions: How do the sculpture of Khafre enthroned and the sculpture of Akhenaton from the temple of Aton reflect the political and religious climates of their times?

The seated sculpture of Khafre Enthroned is among the carved statues series. Khafre Enthroned sculpture is a diorite representation of him sitting upright dressed in a kilt the regal male nemes crown with the kingship uraeus cobra on the anterior.

The sculptor makes the sculpture to retain a solid representation, so that it can live infinity and an endless after life. On the other hand, The Colossal sculpture of Akhenaton is an illustration of the Egyptian Art shift and his religious revolution.

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What purpose did the canon of representation serve for the ancient Egyptians, and why was it important? Every time the Ancient Egyptian artists inscribed, painted, or sculptured figures, their proportions were be ascertained by a canon of representation.

Throughout the Old Kingdom, the Ancient Egyptians employed a grid that gauged eighteen units to the hairline, or nineteen units to the head top.

The figure height was measured normally to the hairline instead of the head top, this portion of the head frequently being covered by a head piece or crown making it problematic to base a canon of representation on (Smith, 1958).  The canon of representation was important because, it served as the standard set of rules used by the ancient Egypt artist.


Smith, W. S. (1958). The art and architecture of ancient Egypt. Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin Books.

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