Art and Philosophy Results to Aesthetics

Art and Philosophy Results to Aesthetics

Art and Philosophy Results to Aesthetics

Art and Philosophy Results to Aesthetics:Although philosophy and art differ on the basis of subject matter, both reflect on how reality relate to a man, spiritual world and human relationships as they interact with the world. People lives in a world that has been and is defined based on the human perspectives, attitudes, ideas and aims (Kieran, 2006). Without the human factor in the world, it would be inexpressible, and everything would be indifferent to everything else. Therefore, the human can express environment from prism of art and philosophy. Art and philosophy are two fields that work together. Artist who lacks philosophy knowledge in their makeup produces boring work since they have little to offers behold common sense. Therefore, artist needs to review new philosophical discoveries continually.

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Without philosophical questioning, artist would not be able to generalize, identify facts or assess the quality of art. It is through philosophy that an artist can develop life contradictions and be able to experience meaning and get the full expression of life (Kieran, 2006). Additionally, artist work is not spontaneous since it needs some kind of world view combined with talent. It is a channel through which the artist airs his or her views on the world. Therefore, art that is accidently produced without world view guidance is rarely effective especially when it is from blind instinct.

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