Arranged Marriages in India

Arranged Marriages in India

Arranged Marriages in India

Arranged marriage has remained the India’s most debatable subject for decades. It is in the primary relationship outlook that Indians are greatly different, in the manner in which they perceive marriage institution, to those practices and beliefs of other countries. Arranged marriages have stirred varied reactions across the world. Many people have vast misunderstanding of this widely practiced idea in India.

In fact, arranged marriages have led to many negative attitudes storming from across the world. It is necessary to put aside own opinions, beliefs, and preconceived ideas so as to understand the issue of arranged marriage clearly as it happens in India. This essay will highlight the issue of arranged marriage in India, how it is sustained and the process.

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After wedding ceremony, the couples are termed husband and wife, and wished the best life in matrimony. Sustaining arranged marriage lies with the both families. Mother-in-law constantly encourages the bride to remain submissive and give in to the husband. They are taught how to welcome their husbands and treat them. Sister-in-law does the same. They give moral support to the bride and welcome them as part of the family.

On the other hand, father-in-law encourages the groom to assume the responsibilities of a man and care and love his wife. Lessons are learned from both families. Any concerns and issues are addressed by the parents, and solutions arrived at are implemented (Dayananda, 2006). This enables the couple to sustain their marriage to eternity.

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