Army engineers

The United States Army Engineers is a federal agency under the department of defense, and is made up of 3700 military personnel and civilian. It is one of the world’s largest public engineering, construction, design and management agencies. The Army Engineers provide recreation opportunities to the public and also provides 24 percent of hydropower capacity in the United States. The Corps have made several contributions which have positively impacted the country in different ways.

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The public draws gallons of water from the multi-use flood control projects initiated by the Army Engineers. This project has become one of largest water control agencies in the United States. Their works have impacted the public in multiple ways. The Army Engineers represent a significant investing in the United States economic, natural and environmental resources (Wasser, Dittberner, Dietz, & Mitchel, 2015).

Wasser, C. H., Dittberner, P. L., Dietz, D. R., & Mitchel, W. A. (2015). Environmental Impact Research Program. U.S Army Corps of Engineers Wildlife Resources Management Manual, 20.

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