Arm Chair Psychologist

Arm Chair Psychologist

Arm Chair Psychologist.

Arm Chair Psychologist: The patient’s name is Victoria Brown; she is a Florist and is twenty four years old. Victoria is the victim of a recent brutal shooting after a foiled burglary attack on her home two months ago. During the attempted burglary, she was shot once in the shoulder and badly beaten by her assailants.

Her assailants managed to escape before the police arrived and remain at large. Apart from the medication given in hospitals which are largely painkillers, she has not been taking any other drugs. Her neighborhood is calm and quiet and there are no environmental disturbances that could adversely affect her.

Before her incident she enjoyed going on walks and jogging as well as her work with flower arrangements. She has been experiencing troubling and very vivid nightmares that mirror the events of the brutal night in her home.

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Furthermore she is not on any psychotic drugs that could result in any drastic behavioral change on her part which satisfies the exclusion criterion.

Victoria is thereby suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that fall in DSM-5 Axis I disorder. I would give her a GAF score of 25, because she has become incapable of dealing with heightened emotional situations and coming up with solutions on her own.

It cannot be General Anxiety Disorder because of the presence of the event that triggered the beginning of the expression of the symptoms. She speaks in a barely perceptible voice and her sentences lack clarity, furthermore she needs help in doing any hard menial tasks.

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