Arguments That Persuade Socrates to Accept His Sentence

Arguments That Persuade Socrates to Accept His Sentence

Arguments That Persuade Socrates to Accept His Sentence.

Arguments That Persuade Socrates to Accept His Sentence: In this paper I will evaluate the argument that persuades Socrates to stay in prison and accept his death sentence and Crito’s argument on why Socrates should escape from the prison.

First I will examine the strength and weakness of Crito’s argument. In this paper I will argue that Socrates had the stronger argument. This dialogue is in the prison cell between Socrates and Crito, where he is awaiting execution.

Crito who has made arrangement to assist Socrates escape out of prison to safety, visits him in the dawn. He persuades Socrates with several arguments to escape. However, Socrates is willing to await his execution.

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Notably, from the above arguments Crito argument is very narrow and is based on numerous assumptions. Crito has presented two pressing arguments first if Socrates decides to stay in prison he will allow his enemy to wrong him unjustly, therefore acting unjustly on himself. The second argument is that he will leave his children without a father if he is executed.

However, Socrates disapproves the strongest claim by Crito on the responsibility of children to compel his escape from the prison. The fundamental principle of living a good life and not only living. The second argument is on the agreement to abide by the state laws is a compelling argument. Socrates has the rights to decide to remain in prison.


DeFilippo, J. G. (2008). Justice and Obedience in the Crito. Ancient Philosophy, 11(2), 249-263.

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