Argument for taking the job

Argument for taking the job

Argument for taking the job.

Argument for taking the job: Benji should consider the opportunity as it offers him a chance to a make a difference in the world. He might not be able to take the world by its horns whole at a time but by even changing, a single person Benji will have done a great deal of good.

Benji should therefore take the opportunity. The Bible (1 Corinthians 10:13) also says that God cannot test someone beyond ability to remain firm. As a Christian, Benji should know that God will put him through everything and will not test him beyond his ability to remain firm.

If he signs, the deal Benji will have an opportunity to see the world and increase his base of friends and colleagues who always come in handy to one’s life.

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Besides, having a crying baby and the mother is not trying to stop the baby from crying could be annoying to anyone. As indicated, New Gen seems to be having no problem having good business ethics so Benji clearly has no reason not to sign the contract.

As a young person Benji should focus on solidly building his career while maintain an ethical standard as a Christian, both opportunities that seem to be provided at New Gen. The flexible schedule should encourage him more to take the position as it will give him time to engage in his


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