Argument Essay about Public school vs Private school

Argument Essay about Public school vs Private school

Argument Essay about Public school vs Private school

This paper seeks to examine the significance of attending public school is a better solution compared to that of attending a private school. The choice is affected by overall performance, the financial budget of parent and capabilities of students. There are merits and demerits of public and private schools

The main benefit of attending public school compared to private school is that a student get much less competition and stress. However, there are setbacks that public school have lower standards of education compared to private schools.  The lower standard in public school may be for the better of students. Students have to work harder to succeed, developing determination and determination. These two traits assist the student to become successful and secure their future in academic and in real life (Merry and Karsten 512).

The higher budget in private school enables them improve their facilities. Classrooms are spacious to accommodate students while technical facilities of private schools are commendable.   Science and computer are up-to-date, and equipment are advance. Private schools provide expert effort in enhancing their facilities to provide a community that is conducive to learning. However, private schools are expensive in comparison to public schools.  The tuition fee is low cost while in others education is free because the government fund tuition related activities. Public schools are reliant on state and federal funding that ensure that students have equal access to education regardless of their socio-economic (Kunzman 82).

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There are benefits of attending public school including exposure, free education, and non-discriminative policies.

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