Are the Effects of Marijuana and Alcohol Similar or Different

Are the Effects of Marijuana and Alcohol Similar or Different

Are the Effects of Marijuana and Alcohol Similar or Different.

Are the Effects of Marijuana and Alcohol Similar or Different: Recently, public health professionals have been locked in an ongoing controversial debate regarding the use of marijuana or cannabis. The key issue of contention has been whether or not to legalize the use of marijuana.

The main argument among pro-marijuana legalization groups has been that while acknowledging that cannabis is a mind altering substance, there are other legal substances that have mind altering effect (Caulkins, Hawken, Kilmer, & Kleiman, 2012).

The legal substance frequently quoted in this argument is alcohol, which these pro-marijuana legalization activists consider to be more hazardous and deadly than marijuana. On the other hand, anti-marijuana legalization

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Indeed, preliminary investigations among states that have implemented the Medical Marijuana Laws (MMLs) already show some improvement in public health outcomes related to substance use and abuse (Anderson & Rees, 2013).

This paper has listed various similarities and dissimilarities of the impacts and effects of the use of marijuana and alcohol. Notably, the similarities discussed dhow that the drugs are not as distinctive in their effects as most anti-marijuana legalization groups argue.

Moreover, the difference in effects shows that alcohol consumptions has a greater social cost as compared to marijuana. The main implication of these findings on the legalization debate is that,legalization of marijuana has positive effects on public health. However, more research is required in the area particularly to investigate the causal relationship between both drugs.


Afonso, L., Mohamad, T., & Badheka, A. (2010). Drugs of Abuse and Cardiotoxicity. Comprehensive Toxicology, 6(19), 337–364.

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