Are Organic Foods Healthier than Conventional Foods

Are Organic Foods Healthier than Conventional Foods

Are Organic Foods Healthier than Conventional Foods.

Are Organic Foods Healthier than Conventional Foods: The word “Organic” is used to describe the technique in which farmers utilize to cultivate, develop and process agricultural products. Organic farming is essential because it encourages conservation of water and soil, and reduction of pollution.

Farmers who practice organic production of animals and crops do not utilize conventional techniques to control weeds, fertilize or reduce the risk of livestock diseases.

For instance, such farmers conduct more sophisticated rotation of crops, put manure and mulch on the crops so as to reduce the infestation of weeds. On the other hand, conventional farming utilizes artificial aspects such as fertilizers and pesticides so as to increase yield, enhance resistance to pests and ensure that plants survive for a long time(Mayo Clinic Staff, Para 2).

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Organic food product will continue to grow because of increase in consumer demand, and a large number of manufacturing companies have opted to convert their products from conventional to organic.

Additionally, natural and organic foods will be seen in more retail shops and in most countries. Other than conventional retailers creating organic food- related programs. Federal states, governments, conservation organizations, among others will continue to promote the growth and development of local farmers.

And ensure that they sell their produce directly to consumers. In addition, restaurants, cafeterias located in colleges and other foodservice providers will ensure that natural and organic foods are incorporate their menus.

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