Are cell phones making society a better place?

Are cell phones making society a better place?

Are cell phones making society a better place?

Almost ten years ago, cell phones were not common as they are today. It was not easy to acquire a cell phone as it is these days. People relied on booths that were owned by the government, for communication. People used to have diaries where they could write the contacts. Communication was difficult, and people often relied on letters and other means of communication. Today, the numbers of people who have a cell phone have gone up. Cell phones have become part of our daily lives. It is unimaginable how life would look like if there were no cell phones today.

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The constant access of information through the cell phones, have also promoted the instructions methods used in schools.  Concurring to Tolu, the cell phones have provided a very excellent way of teaching (Ogunlesi, 2012). Tolu further argues that the mobile phones provide a very convenient way of providing education to even those people who have never had access to any formal education. It is, therefore, eminent that apart from communication, cell phones have also aided in promoting a learned society.  The benefits of a learned community are enormous. The cell phones have transformed the society for the better (Higgins, 2013).

Deloitte Access Economics. (2013). Mobile Nation: The economic and social impacts of mobile technology.

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