Arbitration Decision

Arbitration Decision

Arbitration Decision.

Arbitration Decision: Arbitration is the process by which parties in disagreement present their case to a neutral third party in order to decide it. The third party to whom the case is presented listens to either party’s points of view or facts.

From this information, they do decide the case. It is normally done in a friendly manner, so that the disagreeing parties do not end up I dispute. The party that loses the case is made to understand where they went wrong without making them feel like losers.

In the case in question, Acme Manufacturing Company dismisses the worker because the supervisor feels that he is allowed to do so by the law. This is because it permits him to do so if the worker refuses to take directions from the supervisor.

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in which they had the power to. It was rightful for the company however to suspend Martin and for the Machine Workers’ Union to act on the decision because it felt that the power was wrongly used.

In my opinion therefore, it was not justified to suspend Martin, as the company was in the wrong and pushed him to react in order to be safe.

Despite the fact that the supervisor used his power as the act empowers him, it was abused and compelled Martin to disobey.  I would therefore rule that Machine Workers’ Union requirement be obliged to in this case.


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